Just in case

a swivel mounted table hook

"Hang my purse"

HUMPhooks are permanent, table-mounted hooks. They can be added to any desk or table to create the convenience of a hanging point for any bag, purse, backpack etc.

The revolutionary HUMPhook is mounted horizontally, and features a swivel mechanism for access and stowing of belongings underneath a tabletop.

There is also a flush-mounted HUMPhook, which is designed for vertical mounting.

Made from cold-rolled steel and weighing only 3 oz (85 grams), the HUMPhook can hold up to 50 lbs (22.7 kg)!


Mounting plate contains holes for (4) #8 X 3/4 screws (included)

“HUMPhooks has been described as a hybrid of style and practicality….jewelry for your establishment.”
“HUMPhooks has created a new vocabulary for purse hooks….”   DMF
“This product is very well designed…I’m very impressed…” Ron Labinski, FAIA Populous Founder (Formerly HOK Sport)

Furniture by Asti is a North American distributor of HUMPhooks.