Profile Advantages of working
with Furniture by Asti

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Asti will:

  • Become totally familiar with the product and design intent of the project.
  • Work from concept sketches to produce prototypes, drawings, and detailing.
  • Suggest alternative design and production solutions to reduce costs yet maintain the intent of the interior and product design.
  • Meet with all associated trades to ensure that related services (i.e. lighting and plumbing) are properly incorporated with the furniture production and installation.
  • Assist in sourcing non-furniture products.
  • Provide preliminary and final drawings for approval.
  • Provide color and veneer samples for approval.
  • Provide a clear and concise quotation.
  • Work with the team to meet installation and opening dates
  • Work closely with buyers to coordinate delivery / receipt of COM fabrics.
  • Warranty our furniture and provide buyers with confidence and security.
  • Be your “one-stop shop” to make for an easier and satisfactory installation.